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I’m split between happiness and loneliness.
Knowing exactly what I want and yet knowing nothing of what I want.
I’m a walking oxymoron.
I’ve taken a leap, but I’m barely hanging on to this cliff edge. I need to hurry and pull myself up. Then I need to start running again.
I hate this.
A state of inconsistency. A constant battle with myself. I shan’t win, or at least, not like I currently am.

I miss having a loved one. It takes two to tango. Though I don’t mind crying in my metaphorical Ferrari.

Alone, Away, Anguished

The sadness that’s creeping up on my heart is almost unbearable - a loneliness that can only breed desperation.

I’ll sleep silently and let the sounds of the South be drowned out by the artificial ones made by my ambience app. 

Today has already started, that means I’m late to bed…

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